Brake Pads Buying Guide

Brake Pads Buying Guide

Not sure which type of brake pads to buy for your motorcycle, scooter or quad bike? No problem, we’ve got you covered.

The most common brake pads are organic, ceramic and metallic. So which ones best? Organic vs Ceramic vs Metallic.

Well that answer will all depend on what you’re fitting them to as a 125cc scooter will need different pads to your 1400cc super bike. Don’t automatically assume that by spending more money on your pads that it means it’s the right choice for your model and riding style.

Here are at Square Motorcycle Parts we stock 3 series of brake pads:

  • Grey Series

Our Grey Series brake pads are our organic pads. Organic brake pads are excellent all round pads which can be used on almost all types of bikes, scooters and quads. They’re great all-rounders that work well in wet or dry, they don’t need warming up and they don’t break the bank either. This makes them the ideal pads for commuters and street bikes that aren’t ridden aggressively. They’re not suitable for track days, due to the high heat from repeatedly braking they will fade quickly. 

Pros – Value, quiet

Cons – Not suitable for aggressive use. Not our preferred choice for off-road.

  • Blue Series

Our Blue Series brake pads are our ceramic compound pads. Our unique ceramic compound pads have been manufactured with smooth braking and low wear in mind. These pads are going to last longer than organic pads, they will also have less wear on discs, be a little bit quieter and will be a little bit sharper than our grey series pads. This again makes them ideal pads for commuters and for street bikes that are ridden a little bit more aggressively but are still not suitable for track days.

Pros – Very quiet, low wear, smooth, mid-range budget.

Cons – Not suitable for track days. Not our preferred choice for off-road.

  • Black Series

Our Black Series brake pads are our sintered metallic pads. These pads are excellent for track days, aggressive street riding and off-road. Due to their excellent thermal stability they can withstand the high temperatures of track days and will not fade quickly. Once warm make sure you hold on tight as this series has got a serious bite. They cope excellently in the damp and the mud so are also perfect for your off-roading.

To get the most out of these pads you’re going to want to warm them up before any heavy braking which is why these pads aren’t recommended for your everyday commuter bike.

Pros – Sharp braking, excellent for track days, off road and aggressive street use.

Cons – Noise. Not our preferred choice for smaller engines, scooters or general day-to-day use. Price.


We’ve tried to keep this guide as simple to follow as possible but if you’re looking for more detail e.g you want to know about Friction Co-efficient Ratings etc or you’re still not sure which pads are best for you then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and one of our team will be glad to assist.