Racing Ignition Coil Yamaha WR500 WR 500 (1992-1993)

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Brand New racing ignition coil to fit:

Yamaha WR 500 Z (1992-1993)

This coil has been specifically designed to create more power and be more efficient with a better spark for a Yamaha WR 500 ZD (1992) to ZE (1993). You will not be disappointed by the performance of this part and it will be an improvement on the geniune standard one, guaranteed. So if you're having spark issues with your WR500Z then it's a no brainer to get a new improved coil on there. We also sell the standard coil for those that are looking for a like for like replacement.

The mounting points or hole centres are 55-60mm apart and there is one spade connector with 1 lead and cap.