Racing Ignition Coil Yamaha YQ100 YQ 100 (2000-2002)

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Brand new high performance racing ignition coil to fit:

Yamaha YQ 100 Aerox (2000-2002).

This high performance coil has been manufactured to be an upgrade on the original coil 4BE-82310-01 or 3KJ-82310-10 on a 5ME1, 5ME4 or 5ME6 YQ100 Aerox. If you're having spark issues with your YQ 100 then it's a no brainer to get a new coil on the bike, and why not upgrade for the small price difference. You'll get the bike sparking like it deserves, and will also save money over time as you'll get a more efficient burning of fuel with the better spark. We also sell the standard coil for those looking for a like for like replacement of the original coil.

55mm centre to centre. 1 spade connector with 1 HT lead and plug cap.